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Created 21 July 2003
Last Update 01 June 2007

Archived from Geocities January 2010

Archiving Practice was established in support of the 2003 APROS Colloquium held in Oaxaca, Mexico.

This site was been set up to demonstrate the value of on-line archives created with globalized technologies.

See the images from Oaxaca HERE

Monte Alban temples Courtyard Alebrije jhandcrafts Cathederal, Oaxaca

archiving_practice on-line

This is the on-line guest-book in which hosts, delegates and APROS visitors not able to attend the conference can submit comments, observations and URLs for supporting resources.

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oaxaca matrix

A set of links to the matrix of materials surrounding Oaxaca is available HERE

outside and inside

Stewart Clegg added some more images to the collection from the visiting delegates. These can be seen HERE.
Material contributed by the hosts of this Colloquium can be found HERE.

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relevant sites

North East Age is a web site which supported an on-line symposium which ran from the 15th to 18th July 2003.
To be archived at

Hop-picking: a distributed archive records the social organization underlying the annual migration of urban residents to an agricultural setting in Britain and in New York State in the United States of America.

Routine and resistance: daily struggle and the Scottish herring 'girls' explores through oral history, popular song, biography, e-archives and public records the resistance and challenge mounted by the herring 'girls' as they journeyed around Britain's coast line following the movements of fish and fishermen in their working lives of at-shore fish processing .

Chennai Travels was created in April 2003 to examine transportation and development around Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

South India Trans-Australia highway Western Cape, South Africa NE England

Other Links

Other material produced by Odyssey Group members includes the following:

Virtual Journeys are a form of electronic synchronization using basic HTML and Web technology, developed collectively by the Odyssey Group of organizational researchers.

Electronic Stepping Stones is a paper prepared for the 19th EGOS Colloquium held in July 2003.

The Transport and Society Network website provides access to the full range of journeys developed by the Odyssey Group and their collaborators.

Africa Links contains material from trips to South Africa and Ghana, from 1998 to 2002, including a presentation on the opportunities afforded by entry level on-line technologies.

Township Transport, a site created collectively in Africa in 1998.

Two related sites also look at the convergence of technologies which permit intelligent transport strategies:

Townsville Transport examines Australian material and was created during the 2000 APROS Colloquium in Sydney, Australia.

Tatra Transport is a collecting point for examples of practice, good and bad from around the world.

Ironbridge Gorge: Visible Learning is an example which explores the archeology of learning and knowledge creation visible in the iron bridge constructed in 1779 across the Severn Gorge in Shropshire, England

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