Big Pharma, international labour, social movements and the internet:
coordination and critical perspectives on international business

26 February 2006

Stephen Little and Margaret Grieco contributed this paper to the panel on
Global Unionism in the 'Information Age': Information Communication Technologies and Effective Bargaining,
at the International Conference on Global Companies - Global Unions, Global Research - Global Campaigns
hosted by the Cornell Global Labor Institute, New York, New York, February 2006

The full paper can be downloaded as a word document HERE

Demonstration, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2003
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The PowerPoint presentation for session I-10 can be downloaded as a slide show (198kb) HERE

Outskirts  Accra, Ghana, 2001
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Full details of Session I-10 are available at the unionsonline web site HERE

Demonstration, Liverpool UK, 1981
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