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Last Updated 12 July 2005

The following Virtual Journeys offer a range of on-line resources.

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An explanation of the evolution and philosophy of virtual journeys is available here.

These resources can be considered as an on-line variant of Steve Denning's story-telling approach to knowledge management. The richness of the visual images coupled with links to on-line resources provides a link to tacit understanding through association.

Denning's own site gives an extended explanation of story telling.

David Snowden at the Cynefin centre maintained by IBM offers an alternative view.

Various tools and technologies for the management of knowledge can be accessed from here Ironbridge, March 2001
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Sky-written URL Sydney, Dec 2000 Links to search engines can be accessed from here
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Links to articles and journals relevant to B823 can be accessed from here Cheap calls, Chinatown, Sydney, Dec 2000
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Links to some African resources and discussion of the meaning of "knowledge economy" for less developed countries can be found here
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Links to corresponding work carried out with local government and community groups within the United Kingdom can be found here
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A visit to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in China allowed direct observation of some aspects of the global management of brands. Links to a range of issues can be found here Shenzhen City
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Shenzhen City A visit to AcME, the OUBS partner in South India, provided the opportunity to explore transport developments in the fourth largest city in India and capital of Tamil Nadu state. Links to related issues can be found here.
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A crossing of the Irish Sea to attend the 2004 Odyssey Group meeting hosted by the University of Ulster provided an opportunity to document the contested nature of this space between nations.
Larne, Northern Ireland

Sergels torg, Stockholm city centre

The 2005 Odyssey Group meeting formed part of the International Institute of Sociology in Stockholm in July.
A set of field visits took place during the meeting

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