Design and Determination

presentation by Stephen Little
to Masters in Information and Knowledge Management,
London Metropolitan University

31 March 2008

PowerPoint Presentation



The PowerPoint slides used in the presentation have been divided in to the following separate shows:

Drivers of Globalisation and Global Knowledge (196kb) available HERE

Global Communities of Practice; Inclusion/Exclusion (279kb) available HERE

New Paradigms: Storytelling, Metagovernance (672kb) available HERE

A case-study: Liverpool (1.48Mb) available HERE


Pudong development company Cell-phones, Akihabara, tokyo kfc, Souzhou, China


Relevant Odyssey Group Resources


Odyssey Group 2007: a two day face-to-face and virtual meeting on Accessibility, Tourism and Development hosted by the Open University and supported by Erasmus University, Rotterdam and Rikkyo University, Tokyo.

Odyssey Group 2006: a series of three meetings which discussed the links between the labour movement and social movements through Internet campaigns.
One contribution was Big Pharma, international labour, social movements and the internet: coordination and critical perspectives on international business presented by Stephen Little and Margaret Grieco at the International Conference on Global Companies - Global Unions, Global Research - Global Campaigns, New York, 9-11 February 2006

Odyssey Group 2005: this meeting was based around a session within the stream Accessibility, Mobility and Connectivity: Changing Frontiers of Daily Routines at the IIS Congress, Stockholm, July 2005

The Odyssey Group 2004 was hosted by the University of Ulster and examined Migration, Identity and New Information Technology. A page on the transformation of the Manchester Northern Quarter was added to this site in conjunction with this meeting.

Archiving_Practice is a site providing an on-line archive for the 10th APROS Colloquium held in Oaxaca, Mexico in December 2003.
This was reported in Performing borders: sustaining culture and identity, challenging global organization to APROS 11 the Asia-Pacific Researchers in Organization Studies 11th International Colloquium Melbourne, Australia 4-7 December 2005 (PowerPoint slideshow here)

North East Age is the web site which supported an on-line symposium which ran from the 15th to 18th July 2003. It captures aspects of the living situation of the older members of an outer urban community. It continues as an on-line resource and has a guest book which invites contributions from other communities and locations.



Trans-Australian railway Hong Kong Tokyo subway


Other On-line Resources


Re-Determining Design in a Global Network is a conference paper which sets out some of the core arguments contained in Design and Determination, in particular building on earlier work around the notion of co-design. It was developed for the Futureground conference in Melbourne, November 2004.

savethePicket is the campaign site in support of the Picket venue in Liverpool which had to relocate from its premises. This is in part an unanticipated consequence of the success of Liverpool's bid to become European Capital of Culture for 2008.
This activity was put in context by a paper presented at a workshop hosted by Erasmus University Research Institute of Management, available HERE in pdf format.

The social impacts of intelligent infrastructure on transport (644kb pdf format) a "state of science review" for the DTI Foresight Project on Intelligent Infrastructure Systems.



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