Bus stop, High Tatras

Established 07 March 2002

Last update 15 June 2004

Archived at www.design-and-determination.com December 2009

A virtual resource inspired by the quality of public transport in the High Tatras. This site provides examples of transport practice and resources from across the globe, an adjunct to the Township Transport and Townsville Transport sites created by the Odyssey Group which have also been archived at design-and-determination.com.

The latest addition is a set of pages created at the EGOS Colloquium held in transport and development in Copenhagen, Denmark in July 2003.

Tatra Electric Railway: junction at Stary Smokovic.

This metre gauge electric railway has linked communities at the foot of the High Tatras with Pobrad and the main line since 1908. The quality of public transport that it provides inspired the creation of this site.

Examples of urban and inter-urban mass transit practice from China, Australia and India are now available.
The Hong Kong tram is both a tourist attraction, and a component of an integrated transport system.
For more material from Hong Kong S.A.R. visit the Hong Kong Transport page.

A paper on the impact of SARS on transport and development choices is being developed on-line here.
Hong Kong island
U.S. designed freeway system, Brisbane, Australia.

For more material on transport in Australia visit our associated site Townsville Transport.

Bicycle parking, Eindhoven station, Netherlands

Dutch railways are currently undertaking a programme of improvements to bike storage at stations. See the web page of Armada Outdoor who are based in Eindhoven.
Bus stop, Longgang, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, China

This site will carry examples of the wide range of interface conditions between users and public transport.

For more material on the Shenzhen SEZ visit the Shenzhen Journey at the Knowledge Links site archive (www.design-and-determination.com/knowledge_links)
Bus stop, air conditioned underground bus station, Brisbane

More views of Brisbane and its transport are available at Townsville Transport in the Brisbane section.
Microlight aircraft, Northern Territory, Australia

Extreme distances require extreme responses, see Townsville Transport's rural section for access to discussions about remote communities and transport needs, and the Jabiru site for your own microlight solution
Bus stop, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Chennai (Madras) is the fourth largest city in India, with a population of over 4 million.

It is seeking to enter the higher value information related industries successfully developed in Bangalore, some 500 kilometres to the west. Chennai Travels provides observations on some of the infrastructural issues raised.
Bus stop, central Chennai
Conference kit. EGOS, Copenhagen

The organisers provided city maps and transport passes to participants, instead of the more usual charter buses.

Scandinavian Sample is a page of information on Copenhagen's public transport
created during the conference in support of an on-line symposium looking at accessibility for the elderly to services.

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