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This page is an Australasian companion to the Township Transport site, maintained by Steve Little on behalf of the Odyssey Group. It was last modified 20 December 2000 and archived at in December 2009

The APROS 2000 meeting in Sydney in December invites the consideration of issues of transportation, access and exclusion in Australia that mirror or contrast with those prevailing in South Africa and elsewhere.

Townsville, on the North Queensland coast, represents the situation of the many non-capital coastal settlements of Australia.

Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, offers an urban theme park of planned approaches to urban transport, from LA-designed freeways to a bus system of Scandinavian flavour. Steve Little, a former inhabitant was there for the ICIS2000 Conference enroute to APROS2000, and has produced a quick guide to the Brisbane Line

Redfern, an inner city suburb under pressure as both a traffic route to and from the Central Business District, and an opportunity for gentrification presents issues familiar in many conurbations, with the added dimension of urban aboriginality.

The view from suburb and outback

 Sydney Harbour, mdi eighties

The contrast is severe

Highway One, Western Australia Rural perspective

A virtual journey from Fatal Shore to Top End.

Rural and urban contestation

The transport requirements of the Sydney Olympics produced a lively debate but its parameters fail to touch the pressing transport problems of rural communities.


If you can't beat them, join them

The medium is the same

Circular Quay, Sydney, 1985 Urban

In 1992 Redfern in Sydney's inner city was the site of a significant statement by then Prime Minister Paul Keating .

The message may vary:


as national icon
Kingsford Smith Airport, Sydney, 1992

The heritage trail provides a new means of placing contemporary developments within a historical context

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